It’s all about the story

BendFilm is a cultural icon in the Pacific Northwest. For 15 years BendFilm has been bringing independent thought and film together in a way that moves people to reflect on the world around them. We feel so lucky to be able to partner with BendFilm as we push the brand in a way that energizes and defines the festival. We started by breaking down what make indie film so great and different, and we boiled it down to branded statement  “It’s all about the story.” Stories that make us feel, change, reflect and take action in our own lives. We expanded upon this idea by designing a series of posters and ads that showed action but were lacking in a  background story. The concept that we all see these images differently and quickly are able to come up with a unique story, explaining the striking image. Astir designed apparel (hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and bags) carrying the brand into action during the film festival. We also worked with BendFilm in branding their ongoing events by creating a unique logo and branded design templates for these events.

  • Branding
  • Photo Direction
  • Video Direction
  • Graphic design