R O W D Y    S P E E D

Launching a new standard in gravel bike design required defining this new class of gravel bike. 2 parts polarizing 8 parts pure inspiration. The GR3 from Argonaut Cycles caught the worlds attention and made us all question what we were riding before.

When something is truly different than anything else currently available, you need to start defining it by a new set of standards.

When bringing the GR3 to market, Argonaut was playing against far bigger players, but what they were offering was truly unique. From being a completely new platform, leveraging custom carbon layups, and offering a rider a new perspective on the concept of what a Gravel Bike could be.

Telling this story involved giving the bike a character. A character that drove a narrative and demanded attention. This bike was about going fast and having fun while riding. We defined the new platform as GravelFirst, and explained how this bike was spawned from a different place than other Gravel bikes.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Photo Direction
  • Video Direction
  • Media Planning
  • PR
  • Web Design/UX
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The Difference

Through a mix of media reviews, endemic advertising, physical activations, paid social and organic social, the launch of the GR3 put the Argonaut brand in front of more qualified eyes than at any other period of time... like a lot more eyes!