Unrivaled, otherworldly, multidimensional—your portal to pure speed is here. The Supernaut is the bike you want to ride every single day, and for good reason. Part research, part science, part rock n’ roll, the Supernaut is deliberate in approach and execution. From mile one to mile one-eighty-two, it delivers a ride experience that melts away the noise of the world and transports you with every pedal stroke. Supernaut—don’t just take K/QOMs, get them by a landslide.

Pushing harder, riding longer, and never missing a turn on the front. Fifteen years of relentless craftsmanship in building the world’s finest carbon bicycles have culminated in the Supernaut—the zenith of modern ride quality. Secure your Supernaut GR3 or RM3 today, and let the journey begin.

The Supernaut is Argonaut cyclings first stock bike. Why was it made? It was what the good people of Argonaut would choose to ride. Everything carefully selected in the service of elevated ride quality. These bikes are purpose-built and made for the cyclist who wants more out of the riding experience.

The Supernaut is a character— the person who rides rain or shine, the person who pushes hard but takes care of those in the group, the person who demands the best, and the person who needs to show the world that they have their finger on the the pulse of cycling.

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