TEDx Bend

Strengthening Community Through Ideas

Ideas change everything

The reputation of the TED Conference is preceded by its name as a top-notch event bringing ideas from the realm of Technology, Entertainment and Design to international audiences. TEDx carries the same weight on a more local level. With over 17,000 TEDx events held and more on the way, and a strong 4-year history for our own community’s TEDxBend event, we were thrilled to partner with other leaders in our community to continue the tradition. TEDxBend is an agency’s dream job. With complete creative freedom, we embraced the idea of weaving our community together and bridging social and economic divides to Dream Forward for a more accepting, collaborative and inclusive world around us. We created a brand and imagery that were both iconic and moving as we look to a brighter future. Graphic Design, photography, copy writing , PR  and video worked to elevate the event and drive ticket sales.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Photo Direction
  • Video Direction
  • Media Planning
  • PR
  • Web Design/UX